Our Mission
To listen, to share, to support and be there.

Where women battling with breast cancer in the UAE come together to provide emotional support- a place to rant, rave, revel and rebel!

We ‘get it’ more than anyone else, and that’s why we are here. You never have to feel like you're alone. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she is taken out of her world and plunged into another one instantly- one filled with so many questions, concerns and doubts. With so much unknown and unexpected, we felt there had to be a place for her to go where she could cry, laugh, worry or express any of the countless emotions she feels when she’s told she has cancer. We provide real time support throughout this difficult journey– with other people going through the same thing. PINKLadies 24-7 is a place where women can ask or say anything. We don’t judge. We just share information, advice, anything we find useful and continue to encourage one another to fight like a girl!

Upcoming Dates!

Spouses Meet 6pm Oct 5th
- Ian Larkworthy
Bald,Bold & Beautiful Oct 8th
- Subi n Hibba
Nutrition group meet 15th
- Krysta
MOE More Coffee 29th
- Emma
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